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Peculiar Times: An Online Journal of Stuff

"I see!" said the blind man, as he picked up the hammer and saw.

Tapestry, aka Tim
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I'm just your basic, average guy. I write, I draw, and I read. I prefer Dr. Pepper on ice or a hot cup of Earl Grey. I love to travel and meet new friends. Warm hugs are always appreciated. I'm just me.

That's me at Dinosaur World near Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

A tapestry is a heavy cloth woven with thousands of multicolored threads, all interlacing together to produce a unique design... I like to think people are kind of like that: colorful threads of feelings, opinions, thoughts, experiences, education, values, attitudes, hopes and dreams, all woven together within each of us to form an original, one-of-a-kind, unique individual. ...And, by the way, the picture is always changing.

We are each the sum
of what we've seen,
who we are,
and what we dream.

I am Tapestry at MySpace, Tribe.Net, NaNoWriMo, and on ePlaya. I'm also on Facebook and Twitter, if you know where to look.

* If you Friend this journal but I don't immediately Friend you back, that doesn't mean I'm ignoring you.
* If you unFriend this journal without letting me know why, I'm gonna assume you think I owe you money or something.
* If I unfriend your journal, it may be I simply prefer going back and reading all your posts at once instead of mixed up with everyone else's posts.
* If you comment on one of my posts, and I don't respond, it may be I'm just willing to let you have the last word. Sometimes I just forget to comment. (...Or, it may be that some comments --due to their content-- do not deserve a response.)
* If you expect me to respond to every snarky little comment or outrageously inaccurate LJ post, you're gonna be disappointed; there's too many real, life-and-death issues going on with people in the world for me to get worked-up over some silly online drama. I try not to "feed the trolls." (...Okay, to be honest, sometimes I do feed the trolls, just to see what happens.)

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Original text & pictures by me posted in this journal by me are copyright by me now and forever, amen.

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