December 5th, 2016



I find comfort in maps. Elevation, longitude, coordinates, latitude... all are constants, things that can be examined, things that can be relied on. The distance between A and B will always be X. The numbers won't betray me, they won't lie to me, they won't call me names.

I've already worked out next year's journey to Burning Man and back. At least two additional journeys await. There are places to go, things to be seen, adventures to explore. The open road has always been a place where I can think clearly, where things fall into place. It's kind of a zen experience. The road is neither good nor bad. It just is.

I hope to do a lot more traveling next year, to go down roads I've never seen before, to sleep under new and familiar skies. The past month has been very depressing for me. Maps show the way and cheer me up. There is still hope in this world.