November 7th, 2016


Some Thoughts on the Election

The world is full of scoundrels --dishonest, greedy, selfish, dishonorable people. When these people look out at the world, all they see are fools... or other scoundrels. All they ever see are suckers or people just as dishonest as they are. The idea of good, honest people in the world never really enters their mind.

The thing is, there are lots of good, honest people in the world; people who work hard, take care of their families, people who want to be healthy, people who simply want to live in peace.

The scoundrels of the world see these people as idiots, because they aren't trying to take everything for themselves --like the scoundrels do. The scoundrels figure idiots can be easily manipulated; if I can get enough idiots to do what I say, I can take everything for myself, they think.

The scoundrels look at the political process and figure they can use it to get what they want. They spread the lie about "both parties being the same" because it suits their ends: it enables the scoundrels and slanders the good, honest people who are in politics to help everybody. It discourages other good people from joining the process. When fewer people participate, it gives the scoundrels more room to get what they want-- power.

The scoundrels of the world are unable to comprehend how many good people there really are all around them. They pollute the process by trying to make people believe all politicians are scoundrels. But the only way to keep the scoundrels from taking over is if all the good people stand up, participate, and make their voices heard. And there's a lot more good, honest people in the world --and in politics-- than there are scoundrels. There's way more.

Tomorrow is Election Day. It may be the most consequential Election Day of this generation. You participate in the process by getting out and voting. Do your civic duty. Make your voice heard. Vote. Don't make it easy for the scoundrels of the world to push us around.