July 31st, 2016


Turning Point

The Republican nominee for president of the United States actually compared the challenge of investing in new companies to the horror a parent feels on the death of a child. *LINK*

There you have it, America. The Republican Party has truly rebranded itself. It used to be the party of Reagan, the party of fiscal responsibility... but that's all gone now. The GOP is now The Party That Doesn't Give A Crap About Anybody.

For Republicans, Trump is their guy. He is the model for all Republicans everywhere. He is the Conservative Jesus.

Let's imagine, for a moment, that Donald Trump becomes president. One of the duties of past presidents has been to comfot the nation in the wake of some terrible event, such as a mass shooting or natural disaster. Try to imagine Trump responding to, say, a bunch of children shot down in a schoolyard:

Those children were weak! Pathetic! They should have rushed the gunman! Did you see the gun that guy used? Man, what a gun! Are you getting my good side?

Or President Trump speaking at the funeral of a fallen soldier:

What kind of place is this? Do they even have the air conditioner on? Why am I here? I don't know this guy. Who is this guy? Did he vote for me? That's the important thing. They call this guy a "hero" for saving his troops. I don't know. People call him a hero because he died. I like people that didn't die.

This is the guy conservative Americans chose to represent them.

Some folks are still pushing the idea that Trump running for president was some sort of Hillary Clinton plot to fool the Republicans. That's just a myth. The Republicans made Trump. They put him where is now. His is the standard they will live by from now on. It is a shame they will forever carry.