March 30th, 2016



Watching the Clint Eastwood movie "Firefox" (a movie I actually saw in a movie theater) I was reminded of the FX series "The Americans", about super secret spy stuff between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. I had the idea for a Soviet version of "Firefox," where a Russian-American is recruited to steal an early prototype of the Stealth bomber, which the government was actually working on during the Cold War.

The agent would have to infiltrate Area 51 in Nevada, where tests were done. Instead of flying along the Ural Mountains, like Eastwood did in the movie, the agent would have to mask his flight along the Sierra Nevadas and the Cascades until he could get to the Bering Strait. An alternative would be for him to fly straight west and head for international waters off California. That's when I realized the easiest thing for the agent to do would be to just sneak in and blow it all up.

So, never mind.