March 8th, 2016



I was already unhappy with Cox Cable. After the last "upgrade," we didn't seem to have as many channels as before. Lots of channels were doubled-up as regular and HD. On top of that, reception on some channels was terrible to the point of them being unwatchable.

Cox's solution was for us to replace the cable boxes with the new miniboxes, which we did. The menu was different, but the picture was better... except, we didn't get the channels we used to have, including the premium channels we paid for. Cox's solution to the solution is now for us to disconnect the miniboxes they sent us and told us to connect and go get different miniboxes to install.

I have just about had it with Cox Cable. How hard is it to switch to Hulu and Netflix, can I get it for every TV in the house, and where do I start? I still want to get local channels. I am just fed up.