February 12th, 2016



The last holdouts at the Oregon nature refuge surrendered peacefully yesterday. *LINK*

In the process, police arrested Cliven Bundy, the ringleader from Arizona. It was actually kind of brilliant how they did the arrest. Back in 2014, Bundy led a "protest" against the government and attracted lots of yahoos with guns to join him. Government officials took a lot of heat for not arresting him at the time. But when Bundy traveled to Oregon to join the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, federal officials moved in. They cornered Bundy in the only place they knew for sure he wouldn't be armed --indeed, where he couldn't be armed: an airport.

Let's not forget what this whole standoff was about. Bundy was a rancher who leased land from the government to graze his cattle. When it came time to pay for the lease, Bundy refused to pay; he argued that he could do whatever he wanted with federal land because "the government had no right to own land," a ridiculous notion that has already been struck down in court several times. This cheap deadbeat just didn't want to pay for services he used. To date, this guy owes over $1 million in grazing fees (and penalties for not paying the fees).

In the process, Bundy attracted a bunch of narrow-minded, bullying, angry folks who had no business owning guns. They took over a bird sanctuary and threatened people with violence. They trashed the place and may have even desecrated some ancient Native American graves. For all their flag-waving and yelling and self-righteous indignation, they terrorized a community for purely selfish reasons. It was never about "freedom" or "rights" or "justice," it was about money. It was only ever about money.