January 19th, 2016



Regular unleaded gasoline is selling for $1.29 a gallon in Broken Arrow today. Up north, the price has actually dropped below $1 a gallon.

Wheat Beer

I bottled the wheat beer tonight. Five gallons translated into 50 12-oz bottles. I've been using Cooper's Carbonation Drops to give my bottles the fizz they need for head. The results have not been as consistent as I'd hoped. A couple bottles of the cherry wheat actually turned out a little assplody, so for this batch I switched to Brewer's Best Conditioning Tablets. The tablets are much smaller and easier to gauge --I hope. This batch is of a consistent measure so that I can calculate how much to use in future batches. It is the control beer. I'll give it a week and then test it.

I also bottled the grape wine, which I don't have much hope for, but we'll see.