January 11th, 2016



I, I will be king
And you,
you will be queen
Though nothing
will drive them away
We can beat them
just for one day
We can be heroes
just for one day...

--David Bowie, "Heroes"

Project Update

Today I racked the wheat beer into the secondary fermenter, which is really my bottling bucket-- the one with a spigot for filling bottles. It does the job. I've always had trouble with the hose not going where I wanted it to, coming loose from the bucket and spilling onto the floor. I fixed it by bolting a couple of "chip clips" together at 90 degree angles. One clamp holds onto the bucket, while the other holds onto the line. My "champ clamp" worked like a charm. I'll be bottling the wheat beer in a week or so.

The grape wine hasn't displayed much activity at all. I considered dumping it and starting over, but I'm curious to see what it's doing. I'll give it another few days before I bottle it. Even if I end up with crappy wine, I still got wine.

Papers, Please

When Republicans questioned President Obama's citizenship, Ted Cruz was one of the loudest complainers. Now, the whole "birther" issue has come back to bite him as his own citizenship -- and his eligibility to be president -- has come under question. *LINK*

The sound of the Republican National Committee defending Ted Cruz: *crickets*