January 7th, 2016


Welcome to Oklahoma

Thanks to Mary Fallin's tax cuts for the rich, a bunch of Oklahoma schools may be closing their doors this spring. The state is cutting millions of dollars from the education budget. Funding for science, technology, engineering and math was completely eliminated. Superintendent Joy Hofmeister said, "We do know that some school districts are going to have a very difficult time remaining open."

This isn't hard to figure out. The pricy, private schools for rich folks will stay open, while struggling rural schools will have to close. Sorry, kids, you're not important enough for the state to care about you.

Snack Bar

The entitled morons who took over an Oregon cabin are sad tonight. They're sad because one of their own, who had been raising money for the group, walked into town and used the cash to go on a drinking binge. *LINK* One of the group whined, “It’s like finding out there is no such thing as Santa ...Come on, man.”

The occupiers have been coming and going from the refuge all this time. Local law enforcement doesn't consider them enough of a threat to even put up a road block.

The folks who donated hard-earned money to their "cause" must feel so proud right now.

I can't wait for the movie about this. I figure it'll star Larry the Cable Guy and maybe those guys from Duck Dynasty. If they could put a shark in the nature refuge, they might sell it to Syfy.