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Experimentation [Oct. 25th, 2014|10:18 pm]

Tonight, I tried something new. Beer has been brewed by every civilization on Earth, but they didn't always have hops. Hops is kind of a medieval thing, because over time people figured out hops was a natural preservative, and the beer they made would last longer. --But before hops, people made their beer with whatever natural herbs they had growing nearby. This is called griut ale. That's what I started tonight.

It's just a 1-gallon batch. I had a recipe, but I couldn't find all the ingredients, so I went ahead and started with what I had. Since I'm using natural ingredients, the recipe called for honey instead of sugar. This is my first time working with honey, and it's ... interesting. Usually, when I make a batch of beer, I start noticing bubbles in the airlock the next day. (That signifies the yeast is activating with the sugars for the fermentation process.) With this batch, the airlock started bubbling 15 minutes after pitching the yeast. I have a feeling I'm gonna have to keep a close eye on this batch.
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Weekend [Oct. 25th, 2014|07:51 pm]
Too much to do, and not enough time to do it.
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Gas [Oct. 24th, 2014|10:17 pm]

Regular unleaded gasoline is selling for $2.94 a gallon in Broken Arrow this evening. That's an increase of 15 cents a gallon from this morning.
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Another Shooting [Oct. 24th, 2014|07:20 pm]

Two dead, including the shooter, and four wounded at a Washington high school. *LINK*

This is the 87th school shooting since Sandy Hook.
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Gas [Oct. 21st, 2014|08:36 pm]

It was all the way down to $2.69 yesterday, but this morning the price of unleaded gasoline went up to $2.79 a gallon in Broken Arrow.
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Responsible Gun Ownership [Oct. 20th, 2014|09:16 pm]

Texas police are investigating five guys who opened fire on a bunch of partygoers because they lost a game of beer pong. Two people were treated for gunshot wounds --including one of the shooters. *LINK*
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Stout [Oct. 18th, 2014|06:59 pm]

Tonight, I opened up the oatmeal stout. It was really dark, with a thick, creamy head. Very Guinness-y. The taste was smooth but with a strong aftertaste. I think it turned out just right. I'm declaring it a success. There was more sediment than I expected at the bottom of the bottle, so maybe next time I use that recipe I'll rack it into a third fermenter.

White City Dark photo WhiteCityDark_zpsd192a634.jpg
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It's That Kind of Night [Oct. 17th, 2014|10:02 pm]
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The Future [Oct. 17th, 2014|04:24 pm]
Today I took a chance on something I hope may turn out to be good for me. I won't be hearing any news about it anytime soon. So far, it seems... promising. At the very least, I feel good that I gave it my best shot.
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Gas [Oct. 16th, 2014|07:44 pm]

Regular unleaded gasoline is selling for $2.71 a gallon in Broken Arrow today. That's almost as low as it's been since 2010.
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